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Letter from your handstand


Have you ever wondered what your handstand would say to you?

Do you dream of being able to do a handstand? A handstand is complex – physically and mentally challenging. But why don’t you read what your handstand has to say to you:

My dearest friend,

It takes a lot to get me just right. Focus, strength, flexibility, determination, time, overcoming fears and much more. If you want to be able to do me, be determined and patient with yourself. Most importantly of all, enjoy the ride while you’re at it!


Basics are good

There is no shame at all with going back to the basics. Basics are good. They are the foundation you want – or even need to get me right. Understand why you train certain things, why you do it. How you do it. Knowing the why, will help you to stay at it.
Trust me on this one. So, let me ask you this. Why? Why do you want to train me?


Consistency is key

I want you to know that our relationship will only work, if we keep working on it. This is based on trust and commitment. Consistency is key. There will be obstacles in our way – fear, discomfort and more. However, as long as you believe in yourself and us, we can make it!


Expectation management

Please, make yourself aware that the work that we put into our relationship will be exhausting and frustrating at times. However, certain moments will be pretty and exhilarating – making all the hard work worth it. To get us to work, we will play with many aspects simultaneously. Don’t fret. We will break things down and slowly start putting them together. So, what are we waiting for?!


Physical foundation

Hands. Fingers, palm, wrist, forearm. Wait, what? Why forearm? Movement in your fingers is basically initiated by muscles in your forearm. This force is transferred to your hand and fingers via tendons. Hence, training your forearms will result in more strength and control in your fingers, plus, you will be able to distribute your weight better throughout your whole area of your hand (rather than dumping it all on your wrist).


Girdle closest to the foundation

That’s right – your shoulder girdle. If you want us to have a long lasting, pain free relationship work on your shoulder MOBILITY. Yup, strength and flexibility. Training both will enhance your technique, stability and strength management.

More elaborately: How does it help you to have the 180 degree angle if you then dump all your weight into your glenohumeral joint? Go ahead and google that. How does it help you to have the brute force of holding yourself up there in banana shape without technique?
My point: you’ll be able to continuously enjoy the thing we have, when A) you are pain free, B) work on what you need for awesome shoulder mobility – flexibility and strength.


Full body project

Then there’s also your spine mobility, core strength, hip mobility, hamstrings and more to take care of. You may realise now that I am a full body project. And even more so, as I also need you to attend to your emotional and mental side. I know this is a lot. So be patient with yourself and enjoy the ride.


Trust yourself

Should you be intimidated by me at first, let me tell you this: together we can make it. Baby steps. At your own pace. Again, we begin with the foundation. Learn how to trust yourself. Trust in your strength. Trust in your ability to put weight on your hands. Trust in yourself to know how to fall. I promise, step by step you will learn how to do all this. Once our bond of trust is established, we can move forward from there and see where it leads us.



When we train, you need to be focused. You’ll be somewhat forced to leave your day behind you and be in the present. As long as your mind is out of balance, we will feel weird and wobbly. When you make the choice to work on me, be there, be present. Breathing is a huge part of this as well – just fyi. I will come back to that another time.


Enjoy the process

As you might have realized by now, our relationship has several layers. You may want to work on everything simultaneously, however, I suggest to take things slow. Let us choose one or two aspects and play with those for a while. Then we can take further baby steps. One after the other. At your own pace. In your own time. Most importantly, ENJOY THE PROCESS and celebrate the little things.

your Handstand

This blog entry was written by Alexa.

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